Blogs kind of bug me.

I feel like if someone is going to post an article (that takes some valuable time out your life to read!) it better noticeably improve your life in some way.

So that’s what I’m going to attempt to do here, as best I can.

I hope that my thoughts, experiments, foibles, etc. may not only inspire, but tangibly improve your life in some way.

If anything I say here isn’t actually useful for you, then please just disregard it. But in the name of experimentation, feel free to test out any strategies, mental frameworks, or actionable tactics I provide.

Some of my personal current favorite articles are:

  • Emotion Hacking (Viewing your emotions through the lens of hormones and neurotransmitters, and using effective physiological interventions to influence them)

  • Goldilocks Training (A specific mindset to bring to exercise, to make it enjoyable and benignly addictive)

  • Meta-Improvement (A broad mental framework to use when tackling virtually any goal)

If you find you like my explanatory style, and want to invest in improving your finances, feel free to check out my highly actionable intro course on managing your money, here.

For now, enjoy, experiment, explore:)

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